Many people are more than a little hesitant to jump into the World Wide Web feet first. They often assume that they can take baby steps and they will be able to ease their way into online marketing, social media, and blogging. However, if you hesitate too long, you could fall victim to that old adage “he who hesitates is lost.” It is true that in a fast paced world, hesitating can be very dangerous for your company.

For example, you may have a website and you may even have a business social media account or two, but are they interconnected? If not, you are missing out on numerous opportunities.

Here is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. People, overall, could be classified as lazy. That is not necessarily derogatory. It is just something that you must understand as a company owner. You need to make things as easy as possible for your potential customers. If they have to look up your social media site instead of finding a link right from your website or if your social media site does not show a proper link to your website, customers are very unlikely to go out of their way to look for you.

The best thing you can do is make things easy for your customers. You need to provide clear and easy to use linking from your website to all of your social media sites, and all of your social sites should clearly link to your website.

Actually including a hyperlink is not necessarily enough. Instead, you need to draw the reader’s attention. That means using special features through WordPress themes if you are in wordpress platform.These features allow readers to very easily see your social media links and connections. This will draw much more attention than just a link buried somewhere among everything else on your website.

The truth is, the easier you make it for readers to find you, the more likely they are to do just that. If people have to go out hunting for you, this can be a very easy way to simply lose customers who are not interested in going out of their way. Social media is an absolute must for your online marketing, but that social media will do no good if you do not have it properly linked to your website. Tying everything together can make a very big difference for your company.

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