15 Free Mac Apps Mac Users Should Have

You are using a Mac and you’re trying to make a robust application environment in MacOS. There are hundreds of thousands of software programs for MacOS available in the App Store. Although there are so many apps, not all of them are useful for you. In this post today, we’d like to show you a list of the programs that are useful to the normal Mac users, so that you will be able to quickly access an abundance of RSS feeds or automatically upload your photos.

List Of Free Mac Apps Should Be Installed

  1. Dr Clean

MacOS is very famous for protecting user’s device against viruses and malware but they still get clogged with gunk. So if you see your Mac is running a little slow down,  you should install the Dr Clean app to help you. It will optimize the memory of your Mac as well as clean the hidden files on your hard drive. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. Just with a click, you will remove all the caches, logs, and temporary files to free up your space disk.

  1. Slack

Since the release in 2013, Slack has quickly become the first priority in business collaboration and messaging. Especially, it’s a free app for Mac devices. You can take advantage of the app for keeping in touch with your team. It allows you to bring everything relating to the web interface to your Dock. Furthermore, the Slack desktop app lets you easily switch between groups, drag and drop files or even contact with your team members. The Slack is a great app and you might not want to close it until the end of the day.

  1. Simple Recorder

You might sometimes need to quickly record audio for your work. Although QuickTime is good, it does not live up to its name exactly. That’s why Simple recorder app comes with as a great alternative. After installing it, there will appear a record button in your menu bar. The free version offers enough features for your basic requirements, but you can change to the Pro version for only $5 to experience all features such as mp3 recording, keyboard shortcuts, saving audio right from the menu bar.

  1. Dropbox

You should imagine that one day your iCloud Drive is full of storage and you need more cloud space, Dropbox is a great choice. Similar to iCloud Drive, you can easily upload the files onto it. All you need to do is installing the app from Mac App Store and after launching it, you will see your Dropbox folder in the Finder. Add the files and then save it to your Documents folder. There is a handy menubar component that keeps everything uploaded and altered.

  1. Audacity

Audacity allows you to edit as well as add effects without having to spend a hundred of dollars for a bunch of redundant features. Although its interface is a little outdated, you just need a few minutes to see how powerful the Audacity is. Being able to podcast, record audio books, create video voiceovers, the Audacity will turn your Mac into a recording studio.

  1. Shazam

Many of us know how good Shazam app is on the mobile platform, but it’s now even better on Mac. Its functions are similar to the mobile version as it can identify songs and then directly lead you to the page where you can purchase them. Now, it even always listens to music on Mac version. As soon as it hears a song, it will automatically find it for you. So it’s said that the Shazam is kind of a peek at what will certain to be a MacOS future but you can use it right now.

  1. Kindle

Sometimes you want to read a book on your Mac and the Kindle app is created to help you. Like iBooks, you can easily access all your Amazon purchases from the desktop. The app comes with a full-screen mode, 5 font options, a dark theme, an adjustable size, and others for you to customize your reading experience. There is also a built-in dictionary and Amazon’s Whispersync tech, which allows you to pick up right when you leave off any device.

  1. uTorrent

Although Torrent files come with a bad rap, that does not mean all of them are about the illegal content. There is still an array of the legal albums, games available to download, but if you want to get them, you will need a way to unbundle the files. That’s why uTorrent is a great solution for your Mac. After launching the app, it will start downloading without hogging your system resources.

  1. BBEdit

The expert software developers have been signing BBEdit’s software for many years, but you don’t have to spend a bundle in order to get on board. If you are only a basic developers, you can get all features of the free version of BBEdit. The free BBEditor comes with the powerful features such as multiple clipboards, syntax-highlighting support for more than 20 languages and automatic backup feature.

  1. Duplicate File Finder

If you just use your mac for a while, the high chance you might have accumulated duplicate files. Some of them could eat up the precious space on your hard drive. If you want to find the double files quickly, just make space to install Duplicate File Finder in your App folder. All you need to do is dragging drag a folder on your machine and then you can see where the duplicates are hiding. Delete them in a snap. However, as it’s a free version, you will have to deal with the ads. You can also pay for only $5 to get rid of it.

  1. Backup and Sync from Google

Many Mac users have to admit that Google makes photos better than Apple. Google offers the unlimited storage, instant syncing across any device and a useful search engine. Furthermore, there is a super easy tool to get all photos on your Mac into your Google Photos library. That’s a small utility called Backup and Sync. It will automatically upload all your images on your Mac. The simple menu bar scans for images in your chosen folders to keep your library always synced.

  1. Polarr Photo Editor Lite

Although most photo apps come with a set of editing tools, many Mac users still want more creativity. Look there are not any app as great as Polarr Photo Editor Lite software. You should not worry about the “Lite” in the title. The free version of Polarr provides the similar interface as the Pro version, which costs $20 with enough filters, brushes, tool, and others to turn your selfies into the social-media masterpieces. It also allows you to add text, tweak colors and apply masks that are similar to Photoshop.

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  1. GarageBand

If you want to create music on your Mac, there is no software better than GarageBand. Since it is integrated a loads of instruments, sounds, beats, so you will be able to create the killer tracks. Its interface is also very simple, which allows you to record, scrub, or mix just by dragging and dropping. You can also use the real instrument’s sound to create your own great tune. If you are clueless about how to begin, there are piano and guitar lessons for you to get started.

  1. Wake Up Time

Without the clock app, setting up an alarm on your Mac is quite difficult. But now, the Wake Up Time comes as a rescue. With a skeuomorphic design that looks like a modern clock radio, it allows you to select the alarm time with one of eight pre-installed sounds. You can also pick up your favorite songs to play with the alarm. There is also a helper app that puts your Mac to sleep until the alarm rings, which can save up the battery of your Mac.

  1. To MP3 Converter

There are many times you want to quickly convert an audio file to MP3 format, but don’t know which up is good. The “ To MP3 Converter” software will come to your aid. If you are in trouble with the FLAC, OFF, WMA and other formats, just download and open To MP3 Converter, it will then normalize them with ease without affecting to the quality. If you want to convert or rip from a CD, you need to purchase the premium version. It’s a very great tool for your Mac to keep around.

These are 15 typical free Mac apps, according to our opinion that you should install on your Mac. Get all of them and enjoy the new experience.